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Labor Day Weekend (late)

on September 10, 2013

 Few weekends late but Labor day was filled with good eating, family and friends. I was on a creative streak and decided to try some blog recipes that turned out to be epic fails until I tweaked it to my likings. I made a white Cheese macaroni and cheese, Caramel Apple Pie, and Brownies. My step-mom made homemade cornbread (cast iron skillet) Greens, homemade potato salad and Cole slaw. My dad did all the grilling brisket, brats, and hamburgers. Let just say at my house we like to eat. I was so busy cooking that I didn’t really take any pictures except for my son and my gorgeous apple pie. (Sorry guys I will do better.) Here is the rundown of what I made. Now traditionally I make my grandmother mac and cheese which consist of Sharp cheddar and regular cheddar; I have noticed that when I blend these cheeses that my mac and cheese doesn’t seem to be as creamy as I like. I have also learned that yellow cheese is not as healthy as white cheese. So I switched it up, I had white cheddar, Fontana, and smoked Gouda. The flavors were undeniable stronger and creamier. I put the regular seasonings salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne. The only extra seasoning I added was basil, which made the dish burst to awesomeness. I had a mixture of half and half (which I should have used carnation milk, or heavy cream) and whole milk. I baked in the oven with bread crumbs on top. There was barely any leftover and whatever was left over me and my little munchkin devoured it. I love mac and cheese it has been my favorite dish since I was little and my son well he is like his momma loves it just as much as me.


I also tried to follow recipe for salted caramel Apple pie but that turned out to be a bust because the first try I was trying to make the caramel and I turned my head for a second and burned it . The second try I was so nervous that I would burn it that I pulled off the heat to early. So I decided to grab the caramel sauce out the fridge heat it up pour over my apples. I am still determined to figure out this caramel sauce if it’s the last thing I do! My step-mom was complaining that it needed more this and that but she kept eating it because it was still delicious and of course my crust was on point.

apple pie

I had made brownies earlier this week because who doesn’t love brownies. I followed a recipe but it turned out to be horrible so I added chocolate chips and a little extra sugar and flour. I like my brownies dense but these were a little too dense I had to fluff them up. Overall I am so sorry not many pictures or recipes I will have those to you very soon. I hope everyone had a great Labor Day



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