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Hondeaux Southern Kitchen-Restaurant Review!


So I have lived in this moderately small town on and off for ten years now. I have seen companies’ restaurants and bakeries come and go. I am a food buff; I love good food and I will go the extra mile to find it.  Temple has always been small town you go to the local places where they know you by name and know exactly what you’ll order and have it ready in 15 minutes or less.

My colleagues/lunch buddy always look to me to find something different to eat in Temple. I normally search through Google, and yelp to find out what’s around here. I have to admit we have been to some whole in the wall places. We have had our up and our downs and even worse stomachaches.

A week ago I had a young professionals happy hour get together at local bar The Green Door and one of my colleagues had mention they had lunch at Hondeaux. He said it was a great place and we should have lunch or a few drinks there soon. Well I couldn’t wait for the next soirée to find out when we were all going to have lunch I wanted to try this place as soon as possible.  

I told my lunch buddy that we had to check Hondeaux I even sent her the link so she could check out the menu. At 12 we hopped in the car and drove to downtown Temple. The site mentions that they pride themselves on 15 minute lunch ticket times, which are great because we only have an hour for lunch. We got there and they told us to have a seat wherever we liked. The place had a nice ambiance upscale but relaxed. It looked as if I had just walked into country bar with finesse. We chit chatted but we waited 5-10 minutes and no one waited on us. I finally waived a waitress down because we were seeing other people that were there after us being waited on. The waitress apologized and took our order.  I order their Tacos de Pescado and sweet tea my lunch buddy orders the same. A few minutes later the General Manager came up to us and apologized for the late service and advised us they would expedite our order and free dessert on him. I was very impressed and honestly did not expect that.

 Our food came out minutes later. My tacos had blackened tilapia with a green chile salsa. I could taste sweetness of the salsa and the spice from tilapia. None of the flavors over powered the other which is a plus. I order a side of fries. I am a northern girl by heart so these fries brought back memories of home. The fries had a hint of vinegar; which down here is unheard of but me and my family love malt vinegar and ketchup on our fries. We had the choice of pecan pie or cheesecake; I am allergic to pecan pie so I decided on the cheesecake. My co-worker stated that the pecan pie was delicious and will finish it when she gets home. The cheesecake was ok it lacked the flavor and presentation. Not to mention when I took my first bite there was a piece of wax paper still on the cheesecake. I had to remove it. This is a no no and indicated that they rushed this on a plate and also tasted store bought. Overall the main dish was good and the General Manager did take a stand to the service that we received initially and the server who was originally supposed to serve us also apologized. I may come back after work hours to see if I have a better experience.

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Thai Spice and Sushi Restaurant – The Forum

A few Saturdays ago, my boyfriend, son, and I decided to grab something to eat after a nice afternoon of shopping at the Forum Plaza. My boyfriend was excited to see the sign for sushi, so we had to stop. The restaurant was clean and we were seated promptly. So far, so good.

Our waitress asked us what we would like to drink and brought the drinks back to the table lickety-split. The waitress did not give us a chance to adequately peruse the menu, as she was constantly–within 1-3 minutes between stops–asking if we were ready to order. I completely understand the attentiveness, but we had never been there before and it was a fairly large menu to look through.

We ordered spring rolls and they were quite good. The best I have had in some time, and the peanut dipping sauce that came with them was fantastic. Most places it just tastes as if they’d mixed some peanut butter in water. This sauce had great seasoning and flavor and my boyfriend dipped everything in it, even my sons chicken nuggets.

My boyfriend ordered a Philadelphia Roll (he’s the sushi fan, and the reason we stopped here for lunch. A moth and light with this fella and sushi signs) and I ordered a Japanese curry and chicken nuggets and french fries for my one-year=old son. As a side-note to anyone with younger kids, the chicken nuggets and fries are the only Americanized, kid-friendly dish they have. My boyfriend really enjoyed his Philadelphia Roll and my Japanese curry was quite nice. The Japanese curry was a huge serving, so I had to share it with my boyfriend. It was very flavorful, I wouldn’t say it was the best I ever had but it was quite decent.

Now for the bad. The reason I am giving them three stars is because of the service. After the waitress checked on us after delivering our meal she never checked on us again. My boyfriend had to flag her down to get refill on his drink. After eating and being essentially ignored, we requested a box and the check. We waited 10 minutes and my boyfriend left to go to the bathroom (5 minutes) and I had to have another waitress bring us a box and ask if she’d please tell our waitress that we were still waiting for our check. The waitress then greeted three more tables before finally printing our check and dropping it off. My boyfriend handed his credit card to her and we waited to get the receipt and that card back. She went to the table next to us and they had requested there check and she handed them our credit card and bill. She then asked us if we would like our bill. I was so confused so we both said yes we would like our bill, thinking she had meant card/receipt/end of transaction/etc.. She walked off to the counter as if she was getting our bill situated. I turned around to look at the table behind us and realized she did the unthinkable she handed my boyfriends card to the table behind us. I walked over to the table advised the couple the waitress made a mistake and gave them our credit card instead of their bill. Then as my boyfriend was signing the bill, I overheard the waitress saying that we should have said something about wanting his card and receipt rather than our bill. No one came to apologize for the misunderstanding. It was just horrible service and totally careless. The table next to us apologized and wanted to get there bill but she didn’t end up checking back with them until after we were walking out the door.

I will not be coming to this place again, regardless of the decent dining areas and tasty food, but because of the careless waitstaff who could not remember to hand the right credit card to right table.

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